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Heavy Duty Slide System

Properties, applications, advantages

The limitations of ball-bearing guides are the beginning for our slide guides. Our slide guides move along metallic profile rails. The adjustable sliding elements made of special high-performance plastics feature excellent technological properties, exceeding known limits. Smooth operation, easy maintenance and long life are basic features that enable these elements to meet the highest demands. Our slide guides are perfect in their function and can be  implemented in places never imagined possibly before, particularly in the following areas: please find underneath - more info

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Very high loads and torques

  • Loads up to max. 264kN
  • Torques up to max. 10,5kNm in X-direction can be absorbed in dependence from system size and type of slide plastic

High precision

  • Ground slide guides
  • Backlash free and adjustable slide carriers offer exact positionierung e.g. im medical or laboratory applications

High cleanliness
The use of high performance plastic for sliding elements enables:

  • Lubrication free operation
  • Sliding without emission of particles e.g. in clean room, vacuum or food industry

High damping properties

  • High performance plastic slide elements absorb oscillations, impacts or vibration e.g. in measuring systems

High temperature
The selection of suitable high-performance plastic enables the use under

  • -100°C up to +250°C for standard slide guide
  • Up to max. +400°C on request

Dirty environment

  • lubrication free operation
  • optional wiper elements prevent intrusion of dirt into the slide surface


  • Slide carriers out of hard anodized aluminum or on request out of stainless steel
  • High performance plastic slide elements GLW530 with high resistance against chemicals similar to PTFE allow operation in humid or corrosive environment