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DualVee Linear System

The construction of the DualVee-System is very simple. It consists of 3 components in 4 sizes only.

The DualVee®-System has proven itself for many years as guiding system for universal use. It is very simple in the construction and consists only of 3 components: Guide wheels, guide rails and centric as well as eccentric adaptor bushings, each in 4 sizes.

The cold drawn guide rails are available in hardened or unhardened version in steel or stainless steel in length up to 4m . The guide wheels are precision ground, double row, deep grooved ball bearings with reinforced outer ring. The wheels offer life-time lubrication and have Neoprene seals. As the circumference of the W-shaped Surface on the outside of the wheel is bigger than in the middle there is a continuous wiping on the guide rail which creates a self-cleaning effect.

Thus impurities can be avoided. Use the eccentric adaptor bushings opposite the centric adaptor bushings to adjust the radial backlash of the system simple and easy.

All parts are available in steel and stainless steel.

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