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Spline Shafts


We deliver:
• Splined shafts sold by length, in standard sizes, made of steel, mostly deliverable from stock, cut to length up to max. 3000 mm for customer request.
• Splined shafts in fixed lengths 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 mm, made of steel and stainless steel.
• Splined bushings as round sleeve, as flange hub, and as clamping ring, made of steel, bronze or stainless steel.
• The material combinations (steel/steel, steel/stainless steel and stainless steel/stainless steel) tend to seize! For frequent movements and/or high loads, we recommend using splined bushings made of bronze

• Spline shafts transmit greater torques than shafts with keyways or set screws
• Transmitting components (such as gears) which are mounted to splined bushings or clamping collars can be slid along the splined shaft. The interaction with the counter gear can thus be interrupted
• Splined shafts ensure that there is simple, form-fitting engagement and disengagement for the rotational movements
• Coupling of gear boxes
• Detachable shaft-hub connections
• Installations of axially adjustable gears

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