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Precision Planetary Gear Boxes PTSC

The PTSC series of planetary gear boxes is designed in flange construction and with a backlash of ≤ 0,1 arcmin can be considered a zero backlash gear box. Due to a patented self-adjusting mechanism the precision stays constant over the entire and exceptional longlife endurance of 20.000h. A high efficiency, combined with a high tilting- and torsion stiffness as well
as a low breakaway torque make this gear box unique in the market. PTSC planetary gear boxes are available in 7 sizes (additional sizes are under construction) with lifetime lubrication. They can be combined with our TAC-servo or TIS-stepper motors to rotary tables or other drive units. To optimize the installation space it is possible to add a bevel gear box on
the input. For higher quantities and on request it is possible to get the PTSC gear boxes as sub-assembly without flange cover for direct integration into a structure.

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• Backlash ≤0,1arcmin for highest precision
• Constant precision during the entire life endurance
• Life endurance up to 20.000h, low cost of ownership
• Efficiency >90%, energy efficient, drive with smaller motors possible
• Low noise, low vibrations
• Low heat development for longer lifetime of components and lubricants, suitable for S1 continuous operation
• Low mass moments of inertia for dynamic operation
• very good tilting- and torsion stiffness for straight-to-the-point positioning
• Low break away torque for better controlling of the system
• Lost Motion ≤0,6arcmin, precision also at low torques
• Compact design, low weight
• Hollow shaft version allows a feed-through of cables or tubes

• Rotary tables, pivot drives
• Robotics, Automation
• Machine tools, wood working machines
• printing industry, 3D-printers
• Plastic manufacturing, injection moulding machines
• Packaging machinery
• Medical devices, stage machinery (low noise)