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Free Wheels GL... F2

The GL ... F2-D2 [D3] Series features fits between the GL freewheel, the F2 fixing flange and the D2 or D3 cover flange.

Usually the flanged freewheel is fitted by the customer in the required direction of rotation, using the paper gaskets and screws supplied (running without the gaskets, the freewheel can be seriously damaged).

Shaft tolerances must be h6 or j6 and outer race key tolerance must be H7.

The torque forces are transmitted from the shaft to the inner race by means of a key and from the outer race to the pulled part by means of screws.

Either grease or oil lubrication must be applied to the freewheels before operation, following instructions.

If a D3 cover is used, a gasket must be fitted to the inner race facing towards the shaft to avoid loss of lubricant through the keyway.

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