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  • Rated Torque: 55 – 70000 Nm
  • Speed Inner Race: 200 – 4000 U/min
  • Speed Outer Race: 800 – 5600 U/min
  • Size Inner Ø: 12 – 150 mm
  • Size Outer Ø: 62 – 400 mm
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Free Wheels GL

Freewheels are unidirectional joints consisting basically of two rings, one is a drive ring used to drive the other ring. The special feature is that the motion is transmitted in one direction only. In the other direction, it is free because the two rings are disengaged.


Disengagement of the two parts may occur in two ways:

1) The driven ring rotates faster than the drive ring.

2) The drive ring rotates in the opposite direction to the driven ring.

There are three basic modes of use:


There are two constructive types (roller type and sprang freewheel) and three basic modes of use (Backstop also called Non- Return, Overrunning clutch and Intermittent feed)

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areas of application: elevators – transport belts – bucket conveyors – fans – cranes – electric generators – airplane propellers – sewing machines, printing machines, packaging machines, labeling machines, filling machines, etc.