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  • max. misalignment radial: ± 0,25 mm
  • max. misalignment axial: ± 0,20 mm
  • max. misalignment angular: ± 0,50 °  
  • max. speed: 3000 U/min
  • max. torque: 44 Nm
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OLDHAM® Couplings

Robust and easy-to-assembly three-part couplings with replaceable wear parts. This coupling features generous radial misalignment compensation properties and plug-in connection for inaccessible installation situations.

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azetal transmission disk

  • high stiffness
  • good emergency running properties
  • long backlash-free service life

nylon transmission disk

  • elastic materal, insulates against noise and vibrations
  • operatin data ca. 25% of azetal


  • with adjusting screw
  • or clamping flage

material of hub

  • brass anodized
  • aluminium alloy

diameter:  6,4 – 41,3 mm lenght:  12,7 - 50,8 mm bore holes:  2,0 – 30 mmØ