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  • These couplings provide a maximum flexibility through the polyurethane material with great stability.

  • Spring couplings can be used universally for backlash-free transmission of rotary movements. Good compensation of all misalignment, highly vibration damping. Low torsional stiffness, low restoring forces, no moving parts. Very robust design, very economical.

  • Rigid couplings and connectors for easy Installation and adjustment. One-piece couplings with 4 clamping screws Two-piece couplings with 8 terminal screws Material: C45 steel blued or stainless steel 1.4301

  • Unique multi-purpose coupling for lighter applications, with large angular and radial compensation properties. A special feature of this coupling is the resistance to axial movements. This makes it suitable for light tension and pressure requirements and for fixing of shafts which are not axially mounted. The coupling is very suitable for reversing...

  • Robust and easy-to-assembly three-part couplings with replaceable wear parts. This coupling features generous radial misalignment compensation properties and plug-in connection for inaccessible installation situations.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items