Permanent Magnetic Coupling View larger

  • Wear-free transmission of torques
  • soft torque transmission
  • Overload protection up to 110%
  • electrical, mechanical, chemical insulation
  • Max. shaft displacement angular: ± 3.0 °
  • max. shaft displacement parallel: ± 6.0 mm
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Permanent Magnetic Coupling

For contactless torque transmission in other media [through walls]

Permanent magnet clutches consist of opposing discs that are equipped with very strong rare earth magnets. The torque, which then acts on one of the discs, is automatically transferred to the other disc over the gap.

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Torque transmission via flat vessel walls or similar is thus easily possible. Due to the simple, flat construction, an angular error of up to 3° and a parallel offset of up to 6 mm can be accepted. Nearly the entire torque is then still transferred.These two-part permanent magnet clutches ensure non-contact torque transmission through all kinds of walls.Examples of usage:

  • Pumps in closed containers, stirring devices in closed containers
  • Compressors in closed containers, ventilators in closed containers
  • Transmission of power to underwater robotic arms, display operations on a round scale
  • Avoid engine vibration, influence of weight with weighing processes
  • Contact-free torque transmission with restriction