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  • max. misalignment radial: ± 1,2 mm
  • max. misalignment axial: ± 2,5 mm
  • max. misalignment angular: ± 4,0 ° 
  • max. speed: 10000 U/min
  • max. torque: 500 Nm
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Bellow Coupling

Bellow couplings enable backlash-free angularly aligned transmission of rotary movements. Long models for large shaft displacements and optimum compensation of misalignment. Vibration damping, high torsional stiffness, low restoring forces. Mounting with adjusting screws, clamping flange or clamping hub.

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material of flange    

  • brass nickelplated
  • aluminium anodized

material of bellow

  • bronze CuSn6 nickelplated
  • stainless steel
  • nickel
  • spring steel stainless

diameter:  12 - 122 mmØlenght:  22 - 119 mmbore holes:  3 - 75 mmØ