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  • Very simple designed with one screw pitch TR8,8x3 and without encoder can this actuator operate simple feedings and liftings. Suitable screw ends can used from the MHG100.

  • The HG2C7H series offers nominal loads up to 160kg, feed rates up to 56mm/sec and an integrated encoder. It is a very reasonably priced and feasible solution for simple electrical controlled positioning and lifting applications. The mounted trapezoidal screw TR8,8x3 provides a conditionally self-locking effect.

  • Well tried and in use as reliable mini actuator for many years the MHG100 fulfills simple requirements with comparatively high duty cycle. We offer one screw type TR10x3 and only two ratios. A very simple encoder with 2ppr and 1 sensor can be  integrated on request. Please order screw, screw machining with metric thread M6x12 as well as clevis head or rod...

  • With loads up to max. 6000N is the HG200K our most powerful actuator with axial moving, open screw. It has no limit switches. Thus the currency should be limited to 12A (Load shedding) or limit switches respective a control unit should be implemented  from customers site. On request it is possible to integrate a simple encoder with 1 ppr and 2 sensors....

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items