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Permanent magnet clutches

Permanent magnet clutches consist of opposing discs equipped with very strong rare earth magnets. The torque, which then acts on one of the discs, is automatically transferred to the other disc over the gap. Torque [...]

The experts in drive technology and linear systems are introducing themselves

Technische Antriebselemente GmbH was established in Hamburg, Germany, in 1964. Initially, the particular focus was on the field of drive technology and giving competent and targeted advice to our clients.

Various new products and a lot more customers soon followed; eventually, the company’s offices became too small and so the company relocated to its own premises on the “Lademannbogen” industrial estate in 1987.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. Various products from the field of linear technology were included in the range of goods and this product area was continually and successfully expanded. The drive technology line was also sensibly expanded with a large range of products, including those from the field of electrics, being added to it.

In line with our company philosophy, we will continue to follow this path in the future, too.

With the name Technische Antriebselemente GmbH – short T.E.A. – Hamburg and the trademark LinRol® LinRoland LinTrek® Lintrek

…our customers connect a reliable partner and supplier of the linear and drive technology industry.

Our engineers make their expertise and vital know-how available to you, especially when it comes to complicated plant. Should you have any special requirements, we will manufacture these products according to your design. Our expert advisers will inform you which products can be best combined with each other.

In addition, we also have a large warehouse full of standard parts located in Hamburg at your disposal. The products there are available for immediate delivery. The easiest way to get information about our products’ prices is to just mention the model or order number when contacting us.

+49 [0] 40 / 5388921-0

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