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- high speed up to max. 10 m/sec
- high acceleration up to max. 100 m/sec²
- high static and dynamic torques possible
- same basic load ratings in all directions
- continuous lubrication with into the carrier integrated lubrication pads, advantage for short stroke operation
- grease possibility from all sides of the carrier
- reinforced stainless steel end plates improve the stiffness in direction as well as the lifetime
- standard high dust proof seal, low friction seal
- Option: improved seals for dusty environment
- Option: ball chain for quiet run and improved life time (max. 3 m/sec)

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Ball guide system


Ball guide systems connect high torque absorption and stiff ness like slide systems with smooth movement and precision of roller guides. Ball guides are made for fast movement with highest precision. Ball guides need significant lower drive forces than slide systems. Four ball rows roll on four tracks of a profile rail, will be deflected and return within the carrier. In our THR ball guides the ball tracks are positioned in O-shape around the rail and are more or less imbedded within the rail. This results in a higher torsion stiff ness. The available system sizes as well as the position and the dimensions of the mounting bores ensure an interchangeability to many other ball guide systems.

Beside the standard sizes 15 – 55 of the THR series we offer miniature guides from size 3 and flat designed ball guides on request.

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- suitable for fast linear movements with high precision
- absorption of high torques (eccentric acting loads)
- transmission of high forces
- automation technology
- machine tool manufacturing
- wood industry