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Free Wheel Cages and Races GM / GP

The GP Series races with metric outer dimensions are standard solutions always warehoused which makes it easier using inch type GP cages. The inner H and J races are already set to be fitted with centring bearings, that are needed each time GP cages are used.



A          Outer ring         Keyway outside for mounting in a housing.

B          Outer ring         no keyways, mounting by fitting against s6 tolearance of the outer diameter

C          Outer ring         ring with 8 mounting holes

G         Inner ring          without shoulder for mounting inside the cage freewheel

H          Inner ring          with 1 shoulder in the outer diameter

J          Inner ring          with 2 shoulders in the outer diameter


The outer races A and B must be key inserted by feather key (Ring A) and/or fitting (Ring A and B). Make sure that the seat is not deformed after being fitted. The sprag space tolerance must not be exceeded when all bearing clearances and mounting tolerances are considered.

Ring C features 8 mounting holes. We recommend you lubricate the rings as well as the relevant seals properly. For further information, please contact our Technican

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areas of application: elevators – transport belts – bucket conveyors – fans – cranes – electric generators – airplane propellers – sewing machines, printing machines, packaging machines, labeling machines, filling machines, etc.